Frequently Asked Questions

What are Testers?

Testers are company bottles of the exact fragrance sold at the fraction of the price. When cologne is shipped out to a store the manufacturer sends "tester" bottles of the fragrance so that the store has something the customer can sample. The difference between the two lies here. The tester bottle does not come in the nice packaging that the regular fragrance comes in, it is usually in a plain white box marked "tester". Companies want to promote their products and manufacture bottles to increase the sale of the fragrance. We purchase Tester bottles in quantity and pass the savings on to you. Tester packaging may vary depending on the company's preference. Though some bottles may say "Tester or Demonstration Not for Sale" written on the bottle. This will not affect the item in anyway. They usually come in 3.4oz/100ml bottles.

What type of levels do fragrances come in?

Perfume: The most concentrated form of fragrance oil (and the most espensive), perfume is the strongest and longest lasiting of fragrance forms. It contains 50 to 70 percent of perfume compound.

Eau de Parfum: An alcoholic perfume solution containing 20 to 30 percent of perfume compound

Eau de toilette (cologne): A light form of fragrance with a 5 to 15 percent concentration of perfume compound in an alcohol water base. Cologne is less concentrated then Eau de Parfum. It is created with a lighter concentration of fragrance oil, and is ideal for a more subtle impression.

Moisturizing perfume mist: A moisturizing perfume mist is a fragrance that does not contain alcohol. It is a spray that contains oil and leaves skin with a silky smooth veil of perfumed moisturizers. It is ideal to wear in the warm weather because it is less drying to the skin.

Natural spray: A non-aerosol spray.

What sizes do mini collectibles come in?
Mini sizes approximately come in from 2.5 ml to 15ml.

What are unisex fragrances?
Unisex fragrances are fragrances made for both Men and Women.

Do we match our competitors’ price?
We at hollywood style perfumes will match the prices of our competitors expect on products that are on any kind of promotions.

What are my payment methods?
We accept all the major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal and Google Checkout.

Things You Should Know:
Shipping Cost is nonrefundable for unclaimed, undeliverable, and returned packages, unless we made a mistake. Signature Confirmation may be necessary for delivery to an apartment, office, and building.

How do I check status on my invoice?
For your convenience, our Customer Service department will automatically send you updates regarding any pending status invoices via email.

Do I get a tracking number?
As soon as your invoice is processed and shipped, we will send you an email with the tracking number and carrier information. It takes approximately 24 hours before tracking the package.

Am I able to cancel my invoice?
Since we use automated order processing and warehouse systems, we are unable to cancel or modify your order once it has been submitted. If you have any other questions, please contact a Customer Care Representative.